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DIY Kit Assembly

Table of Contents

This page is specifically for the assembly of the DIY kit power monitor PCB.
If you’ve ordered the factory assembled PCB, you can skip this page! Woohoo!


The DIY kit includes the following components:

Component List (click to expand):
Item Quantity
Brass Standoff Set 4 sets
10nF plastic film capacitor 6
100nF plastic film capacitor 1
220µF electrolytic capacitor 1
1µF electrolytic capacitor 1
0.1µF electrolytic capacitor 1
12 kΩ resistors 2
100 kΩ resistor 1
22 Ω resistors 6
RJ-45 Jack 1
LMV321 SOT-23 IC 1
2.1mm barrel jack 1
3.5mm jacks 2
16-DIP socket 1
MCP3008 ADC 1
40-pin header 1


Please see the old docs in the project Wiki for assembly of the DIY kit:
Wiki Assembly Page